Group Project Module

Group Project Module Description

There are five major groups of concepts involved when learning about Complex Adaptive System:

Group 1: Complexity and Resilience

Group 2: Interactions, hierarchies, scale and emergence

Group 3: Non-linearity, uncertainty, thresholds, and regime shifts

Group 4: Redundancy, response diversity, and networks

Group 5: Panarchy, adaptive management, and novel ecosystems

The main goal of this module is for groups of students to select one of the five group concepts that is of most interest to them. Each group of students will read the scientific literature as well as share professional thoughts on their concept. Students will practice teamwork, presentation skills, and project management skills.

The first task of this module is to find students with similar interests and choose one of the group concepts. Videos available online can be a good source to getting started.


Feedbacks in social-ecological systems


Landscape Diagram to describe emergence by Louie Gardiner

The Evolution of Culture by Paul Ehrlich

Resilience: What is a regime shift?