Reference Presentation Legacy

Introduction to complexity and resilience

Measuring ecological complexity — Created by Lorea Coronado-Garcia

Modeling ecological for complex ecosystems — Created by Lorea Coronado-Garcia

Interactions, hierarchies, scale and emergence

Implication for resilience in ecosystem — Created by Haojing Xie

Panarchy, adaptive management, novel ecosystems

Panarchy introduction — Created by Allen Larocque

Forest response to climate change — Created by Patrice Meteunou

Adaptive management in coping with Climate change — Created by Patrice Meteunou

Non-linearity, uncertainty, thresholds, regime shifts

Catastrophic regime shifts 1  — Created by Christopher Britton-Foster

Catastrophic regime shifts 2  — Created by Christopher Britton-Foster

Uncertainty, Resource Exploitation, and Conservation — Created by Judith Cowan

Facing Uncertainty in Natural Resource Management — Created by Judith Cowan

Redundancy, response diversity, networks

Response Diversity — Created by Monika Gorzelak

Measuring complexity in soil ecosystems  — Created by Monika Gorzelak



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